F Restrepo

Federico was born in Colombia (Bogota) in 1962.

His father was a remarkable Colombian architect and his mother was Art Director at Desgrippe in Paris. On the French side his environment was mainly artistic with his grand father Hervé Baille painter of the French Navy and his great-grandfather Henri-Paul Nenot awarded  the ‘Grand Prix de Rome’ by the French Academy of Arts .

Federico has shared his life between Columbia, Spain and France and has always been attracted by different cultures and their diversity in expressing various forms of art. At the age of 16 he began painting, less than 3 years later he will exhibited his first work in Rodez in 1981. He will study/ studied Logic & Philosophy at Paris La Sorbonne University but still continued painting and designing. In 1987, as a student, he will participated in the International Lighting Fair to present his first lighting creations. He will be/ was  awarded with the ‘Lampe d’or’ (‘Golden Light’) by Philippe Starck.This first recognition from one of the most famous designer in the world will  convinced Federico that design would be his road in life.

Federico began his career with collaborating with Joel Desgrippes. With a wealth of this first experience behind him, he was one of the founders and CEO of the international company ‘Raison Pure’ in 1988. In 1994, Federico opened his own company the ‘Atelier Federico Restrepo’. Atelier means workrooms because the atmosphere of working together with his team, sharing know-how, creativity, artistic design, philosophy and logic has always been his own eclectic philosophy of working. Design as a process is not a solitary activity; it is the exchange that makes/ turns it into such a mutually enriching experience.

For more than 29 years now, as Designer and Art Director, Federico has been working for the top league brands. More than being considered as an expert in the  Beauty domain Federico is also very much in demand as Corporate Brand Consultant by Luxury brands of different sectors of activities (Champagne and Spirits, Fashion and Leather Accessories,Watches and Jewelry brands…). Designing packaging, logotypes, brand visual identity are also included in his domain of competence.